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Moving to GitHub

Hey Everyone… The ESGF projects are moving to github as their primary home.  We are also moving the web sites and wiki there as well.  We are now “all in” with GitHub. Hmm… Let’s hope they don’t go under!!!! 🙂

For the web site the domain is still with each project’s site under that umbrella (Ex: The repositories are directly at github so, for example, the installer’s repo is git://  In addition now each project has it’s own wiki for project specific detailed information, while the overall wiki is at the organization level here.   Enjoy…. 🙂


Moving Forward…

Hello Community!! 🙂  We continue to make progress.  We continue to serve the scientific community.  We continue to embrace and grow our developer and user community and are having a blast!  Stay tuned for a new release, slated to be out in the next few weeks, that will have new features as well as cleaned up old ones ;-). On behalf of the ESGF development team, thank you for your continued support!

Till Next Year

The 3 day ESGF convention is over… 😦 it was a great three days. Lots of very interesting work was presented.  Great discussions on  how we can move forward, and how we augment our tools for the scientific community. See you all (and more) next year!!!

ESGF F2F Underway!!!!

Pardon, this is the midst of day 2 of our 3 day ESGF F2F (face to face) convention.  Day 1 was so packed with great talks and great discussions that I couldn’t find a moment to write this entry. It is still the morning and the presentations have been amazing! Check out the agenda: – stay tuned.

ESGF v1.4.0

Released v1.4.0 of the stack.
Quite a few improvements!!!
Super Nodes, Streamlined UI, Search API in place.

Oh!!! Stay tuned for the 2nd annual ESGF P2P F2F November 27,28,29 2012! 😉

The GO-ESSP Debut

The platform reached a milestone.  The platform was presented before the GO-ESSP community.  The demonstration was done over web-ex to over 30 members of that community.  The ESGF platform will be the platform serving up CMIP5 data for the climate community.  The demonstration was well received, demonstrating an intuitive web front-end and powerful search and downloading capabilities.  The ESGF team is looking forward to demonstrating more features of the system in the coming weeks.

And so it begins…. again… :-)

Welcome to the resurrection of the ESGF blog.  This blog is here to provide news on all things ESGF related.  This includes general announcements as well as information on software updates and developer and user news.  Technical issues relating to the development of ESGF and other “BIG DATA” systems can also be found here.  We hope to provide insights on our experiences and lessons learned while building ESGF.  The home of ESGF is where you can find in-depth information on the project as a whole and all of its constituent projects.

The goal: To build a world class platform for scientific data distribution, sharing and computation.  We do this by engaging the developers in data intensive science domains to work together in building a truly amazing system! 🙂 Stay tuned!